SOP Development


People come and go, so their working styles and habits come and go with them. If your hotel does not have its own way of working, standards and procedures, with every new staff member you’ll see the way the customer service is delivered changing all the time. A country without proper legislation cannot survive, and this is true for a hotel, as well. All hotels should have their legislation, internal rules and regulations, that should be in effect regardless who is hired or fired. These rules and regulations are the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) covering all the activities of a hotel. Whenever a new hire is on board, the first thing that he/she should do is to get acquainted with the SOP’s in effect in the hotel. This means consistent level of service, way of doing business. These SOP’s are the backbone of every kind of business, including the hospitality business. If a standard procedure is not working properly, then you need to adjust it and make it again mandatory for all the staff.

SOP’s are generally developed in the pre-opening stage of the hotel. It is not always done in such an early stage, but the need of a comprehensive system of SOP’s is always needed. Giving instructions verbally is not a way of working. Part of the information is always misinterpreted by the staff, and they do not have any backup to look at if something is forgotten.

The SOP’s should be classified and kept in appropriate departments to be available to the associates of the department whenever they need it.

We can help create custom-made SOP’s for your hotel, classify them and train your staff how to use them properly. Your consistent and well-thought of SOP’s will certainly improve the level of service in your hotel and eventually the financial results.

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