Property Diagnostic Process (PDP)


This comprehensive process of study of a hotel’s overall performance is done once in 2-3 years of operation. This process goes into details of how a hotel is performing over the time, assesses the hotel’s market share and penetration, strengths and weaknesses of the hotel in various market segments, unutilized market opportunities, evaluates the customer service level and guest satisfaction scores, profitability levels and offers ways to optimize the expenses, reviews the sales channels and opportunities to unlock more sales opportunities, considers staff’s skills and knowledge. When the study is ready, the hotel management is called to meeting and all the information is presented. After proper discussion of the results an action plan is composed, and the hotel get’s a timeline what to do and when in order to improve the overall performance of the hotel hotel.

The PDP process is done by our experienced consultants, and they know what to look at and and what to recommend. The results of the PDP may significantly change your way of doing business and increase your revenues.

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