Facilities Planning

Hotel feacilities planning

A hotel is like a city in a reduced size. It is not just the rooms and restaurants that you see as a guest. Hotel is a breathing organism, with all kinds of systems and organs interfacing and operating together. The hotel’s success greatly depends on the effective facilities planning and functioning. For those that are not familiar with a hotel’s back-of-the-house economy it is hardly imaginable how complicated it may be. If some of the facilities are missing or there are built in a way that are hard to access and operate, then it becomes very hard to operate a hotel successfully. Bad planning and design of the facilities bring forth slower and poorer quality of service, higher expenses, poorer guest satisfaction levels and eventually less profitability.

Proper hotel facilities planning and design should be implemented in the pre-construction stage of the hotel development. Sometimes hotels have not planned the necessary facilities in time for some reasons, and in the course of time it becomes mandatory to redesign the hotel to stay afloat.

Here come our experienced staff to help you with. We can help you find the most effective solution with the already existing building or in the initial stage of hotel development. Let us know your problems and we’ll give you expert solutions.

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